As far back as 2007, we offered our trans-fat-free SOLDIER FUEL bar to the government for $.58 per bar, in our response to a government solicitation for energy bars for military rations. 

It was for a ration type called a UGR - Unitized Group Ration.  And they wanted pricing for bars in packs of 9.  Here was our offered price:


The government instead ordered the trans fat First Strike bar (the bar it designed) and paid $.85 per bar to have them made ($7.65 per bag of 9 bars).  Shortly thereafter the government ordered again -- paying $.79 per bar to Challenge Dairy for 3,024,000 trans fat First Strike bars at $7.11 per bag of 9 bars, with a total award amount of $2,388,960.  They’ve been ordering trans fat First Strike bars ever since.


The zero trans fat option is healthier, and cheaper.