The Combat Feeding bureaucrats do a lot of business with their favored private companies.  Documents made public by Natick show that these companies (like the one in the Natick emails below) make millions in military food contracts annually.  Documents also reveal that the military government feeding bureaucrats then often go to work for that company once they leave the govt.  But apparently that doesn’t stop Natick folks from badmouthing these companies, as the documents released by Natick show.

The extent to which Natick officials back-stab their contracting partners almost makes you feel bad for the contractors.  But then again, when you’re making $639 million in government food contracts, maybe you don’t care about being insulted?

These emails were also provided to us by the Army...


A typical email chain: Natick’s Gerald Darsch badmouths companies like military broker DMI, while setting a meeting with them.  We feel bad for Tom at DMI!