Stephen Moody has argued for the use of trans fats in troop food.  He was a lead defendant on the losing Natick side in our major Court of Federal Claims lawsuit.  His campaign to undermine our efforts to remove trans fat from troop food was revealed in the trial (thanks to his emails) and it was the nail in the coffin for Natick.  So how did the Army Natick Soldier Center leadership reprimand him?  It didn’t.  It promoted him to Director of Combat Feeding, and bumped his taxpayer-funded salary to $151,000.

In an effort to spin things, Stephen Moody tends to make specious claims about how his Natick Combat Feeding Directorate is looking into trans fat as an issue.  He likes to use juicy phraseology as part of the lively obfuscation campaign... trying to smear our campaign against trans fat by calling it “propaganda”, and making claims about the “aggressive research” his team is spearheading.  But the truth is that he’s repeatedly defended the use of trans fat (see below).  And despite all the allegedly “aggressive” research he’s conducting into how to remove trans fat from troop rations, it’s still there seven years later.  Now, as the Director of Natick Combat Feeding, he’s even more responsible for the rations menu, and it still has tons of trans fat in it.  Moody seems to provide a rather compelling lesson in the truism that talk is cheap.  What isn’t cheap, for the taxpayer anyway, is Moody’s salary (see below).

Records from Natick Soldier Center