Below are just a few selections from Natick/DLA’s food specifications for the current MRE 35, on the DLA subsistence website as of February 2015.

The Mayo Clinic calls trans fat the “worst” of all the fats because it “both raises your ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol and lowers your ‘good’ (HDL) cholesterol,” creating a scenario that “significantly increases your risk of heart disease, the leading killer of men and women.” 

“On a per-calorie basis, trans fats appear to increase the risk of CHD [coronary heart disease] more than any other macronutrient.” 

- results of trans fat studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine








This Ranger Bar is only 45g.  It’s a small bar (the average PowerBar is 65g).  And yet the Ranger Bar still has enough trans fat to require labelling.  Hundreds of thousands of these are fed to troops in MREs.

“While it has been widely recognized that ingredients containing trans-fats are less healthy, there are functional properties to those ingredients that play a crucial role in attaining the necessary shelf-life and product acceptability.”

- Stephen Moody, Combat Feeding Directorate

And yet...

TRANS FAT in troop MREs

Jan 2015: as a result of the D’Andrea Brothers pressure on the Natick Combat Feeding Directorate to remove trans fat, the Natick CFD has begun concealing the ingredients from the public... current menu specs for this item have the ingredients hidden. But we reveal them here.

This trans-fat recipe is still the official DLA and Natick recipe in Jan 2015!

This energy bar recipe packed with trans-fat is still the official DLA and Natick recipe in Jan 2015!