The D’Andrea brothers created a healthier, trans-fat free energy bar for the troops, as an official R&D partner of the DoD Combat Feeding Program at Natick (where we paid for and conducted the R&D).  When the military feeding bureaucrats sabotaged those efforts and blocked the healthier bar from ever reaching the troops in rations, the D’Andrea brothers sued the civilian-run bureaucracy at Natick Soldier Center and won.

A short (but dramatic) history of the lawsuit

2. Our new bar won multiple military Army-conducted lab tests and Soldier field tests of energy bars.  SoldierFuel was also recommended by the nutritionists who put together the Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide.

1. We created a new SoldierFuel energy bar for Soldiers that was all-natural, had a performance formula that delivered steady energy, and was free of trans fat. 

3. Genuine military nutritionists (i.e. those who are actually serving, in uniform) were on our side, and wanted our healthier trans-fat free bar to get to their fellow men and women in the Armed Services. 

5. Natick’s Stephen Moody then wrote some emails which essentially became smoking guns #1 and #2, part of the evidence which led to the Court of Federal Claims finding Moody and Natick guilty of material breach and undermining our efforts. 

Moody alleged our trans-fat free bar was not viable and the evidence he provided was willfully false (and exposed as such in the lawsuit during his cross-examination): he said our bar had never been evaluated (when in fact his own Natick and RDECOM labs had run at least two Tech Evals and field tests specifically evaluating performance) and then advised “caveat emptor” regarding us and our bar, which was evidence of the military-wide blackballing that Moody and his friends had initiated.

Here are results from an energy bar evaluation conducted by Natick Soldier Center (Alan Wright, Research Food Tech, Natick Soldier RDECOM), where 52 Soldiers at Fort Polk evaluated bars based on their performance.

4. When it became clear that troops weren’t being provided our new trans-fat free energy bar in rations, and instead were still being supplied trans fat products, the concerned uniformed military nutritionists (like Dr. Johnston, who is a Lt. Col in the Army, as well as an M.D.) began to ask the civilian military feeding bureaucrats why they were dropping the ball and/or stonewalling.